ExpressionEngine Coder

ExpressionEngine Coder

For many years now I've worked exclusively as an ExpressionEngine coder and I'm pretty happy with that decision when I reflect on it. When I started I had the fortunate luck of being the go-to coder for an ad agency in Albuquerque that was just getting started themselves. Thus started my career as a coder for hire to agencies and designers.

My tool of choice at the time and now is ExpressionEngine for a myriad of reasons... the first being that I know any design I'm sent will work just fine within EE's templates. There might be a few tweaks needed, but nothing that will have me telling a client I can't build their project. Top that with the explosion of great EE addons and modules that have been coming out over the last couple of years and I know I can build just about any project that comes across my desk.

That isn't to say I don't tell people EE isn't right for their project... I actually say it a couple of times a month and as EE is becoming more popular, I seem to be saying it more often. Folks come to me saying "I want to use EE, oh and here are my project specs". They've selected EE as the software without fully understanding the software's limits. I personally don't get involved in projects that aren't right for EE. I don't want to be that coder who says "sorry, it actually can't be done" a month after the project started or "sorry, I need more money" to have someone recode EE to do what you want. I ask a ton of questions and know for sure I can build the project before I will quote it.

In the end, ExpressionEngine has proven to be a solid tool for me and I would like to tip my hat to all my fellow coders and to the folks at Ellis Labs who make it all possible. Cheers!

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