A few years ago, I elected to start working on a desktop machine instead of a laptop. This change was great because of the benefits... faster machine, larger monitor, etc. However, when I had to travel, I always struggled with loading all my current project files onto my laptop. Also, I had to move email, contacts, passwords, software... basically everything. This was always a nightmare and inevitably involved me forgetting something important behind.

Just before Thanksgiving before leaving on a trip to Telluride, I decided to look for remote desktop software that would allow me to log into my desktop to grab files or complete any quick tasks. I tested several services out and was pretty disappointed with the results. Then I came upon LogMeIn, which ended up being exactly what I was looking for in remote access software. The best part is it was free!

Here's a quick Flash demo

Now when I travel, I leave my desktop computer on and log into it whenever I need to access a contact, get a password and, if the Internet connection I'm using is fast enough, I can even do work.

Also, I recently found another use for the service... I have clients or other programmers log into my machine when it's more helpful if we are looking at the same content, code or whatever. This is great for demos, training, website reviews, etc.

I've found one limitation and one concern with LogMeIn... The limitation is that only one person at a time can log into my machine remotely at a time so I can't do group training. The concern is that I have no way to remotely reboot my machine if I'm traveling and it turns off somehow.

All in all, I'm very impressed with LogMeIn's free account and suggest the service 100%!

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