The Easy Way to Bypass Web Registration

The Easy Way to Bypass Web Registration

This is a great website... It's a database of userID and password combinations for websites that require that you login. The website claims 96,990 login combinations. That isn't to say that they all work, but a lot do. Here are the details from their tutorial:

BugMeNot Background
You're browsing the web and you click a link to an article on a site (let's say but instead of getting the article you get a screen asking you to login or register. Infuriated at the idea of pointlessly registering for yet another site you turn to your good buddy


STEP 1: Make a note of the website address your are trying to access. For example: or even just:

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: Enter the address from step 1 into the box and press the "Show Logins" button

STEP 4: You should now be presented with a username and password. Make a note of them.

STEP 5: Go back to the site you were originally trying to access in step 1 and proceed to login with the username and password you noted in the previous step.

With any luck you should be able to access your article now!

Important Notes
It's important to note that all of the username/password accounts listed on bugmenot are added by users such as yourself. If you can't find a working login for a site then you are encouraged to register with that site (using fake details of course) and then add the username/password to bugmenot for other users to use. Never enter your real login details into bugmenot- everyone else will be able to see them!

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